Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Player - Part II (El jugador - parte dos)

Aka appeared as excited as Timido was when they entered the store. If there was one bit of wisdom Aka had gathered over the years was that temptation is best dealt with by avoiding it, but this was not a place conducive to avoiding anything. Aka’s mind snapped back to reality when he saw the stupefied look on Timido’s face. It was at that moment he realized he had brought the lamb to the slaughter, but the big question was, who was the lamb.

He pulled Timido aside in an attempt to make him see the reality of the situation. Aka’s tone of voice and facial expression went into wisdom mode as he said, “Timmy, you have to remember what you see here is not what is real. The lighting, the d├ęcor, the music all help to creates an illusion of grandeur. Not one of these players will look as good in your apartment, at least not for very long, or without proper lighting. You also have to bear in mind that some of the latest models have no track record of performance and may have even been illegally smuggled into the country. I seriously doubt they will come with any type of warranty. Be careful, be very careful.” Aka was convinced that Timido didn’t hear a word he just said but Aka had to say them. He had to talk himself out of temptation but seemed to be losing the battle.

To make a long story short, both Timido and Aka walked out the store with the latest models. Both players were illegally smuggled into the country, but they looked better than any players they had ever seen. Aka was battling his guilt with some success but he knew this victory was only temporary. He tried to convince himself that the new player was worth it. He tried to convince himself that his old player would soon need replacing and that it had become very boring, though very reliable. Unfortunately, guilt has a way of short circuiting undeserved happiness. That was the way nature worked, and for good reason.

They say all stories must have an end and in the last paragraphs the conclusion should be made, even if the conclusion is uncertain. Having said that, see what you can make of this ending.

Timido wanted the entire back seat for himself and his new player. Timido held the box securely as if he was afraid he would loose it, the box I mean. Aka turned around and couldn’t help notice the words “Hecho en Colombia” boldly written across the box. As they drove off into the sunset, Aka tought how much the years had changed him. He was once a great fan of Asian technology, but now his new attraction seemed to be South American.

p.s: Aka was later arrested for possession of illegally smuggled goods. The player was seized and shipped back to its country of origin after the hearing. Aka was found not guilty after pleading temporary insanity. The judge accepted the plea when he saw the goods first hand.